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Improved and modern Institutional Firewood Stoves (SeTa-IS)

Improved and modern Institutional  Firewood Stoves (SeTa-IS)Improved Institutional Firewood Stoves were designed to be used by different institutions in rural and urban areas. The stove has proved to be more than 70% efficient on firewood consumption compared to traditional three-stone open fireplace. Only few pieces of firewood are inserted in the fire chamber during cooking, which means reducing number of bundles of firewood consumed by open three stone fire-places.  

The Stoves are produced and sold in package which consist of the stoves and stainless steel pot. Stoves are available in different sizes of 25 Liters , 50Litres and 100Litres and 200Litres can be availed on special order. The stoves have high combustion efficiency of more than  54.82%