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Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) are the main instruments put forward by countries to deliver on the promise of the Paris Agreement adopted on 12 December 2015. They constitute an articulation of governments’ commitment to tackle climate change, including emissions mitigation pledges and adaptation related targets, that countries consider achievable through various actions and investments that align with development priorities.

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The implementation of the Tanzania SE4ALL AA was planned to be on four stages to allow continuous review, and for the development of several IPs that are tailored to address specific issues. These stages include; Transition (2015-2016), Transformation/operationalization (2016-2020), Consolidation (2020-2025) and Acceleration (2025-2030).

During transition period, the main focus was on integrating the AA and IP into the government mid-term planning process by incorporating them into the Ministry of Energy (MoE) Five-year Strategic Plan (2016–2020). As part of that process, the government was to start a national dialogue with all stakeholders at national and sub-national level towards the adaptation, updating and alignment of the existing initiatives with the country’s SE4ALL AA; which was not done.

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