Did You Know that Rural Energy Master Plan Study has been Launched in Tanzania?

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  • Published: Wednesday, 20 June 2018 21:01
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Tanzania is confronting a major challenge related to expansion of rural energy services. Energy is the main driver of the social economic development and the Government of Tanzania considers availability of energy as necessary to catalyze economic growth.

Currently, only 25% of the rural population has access to electricity services. Through establishment of the Rural Energy Agency (REA) the expansion of the electricity and other modern energy services to rural communities has been accelerated in recent years. Due to the size of the country, high demand for electricity and limited resources the efforts to expand these services have been facing great challenges. In collaboration with other key stakeholders, the Government through REA has recognized the importance of coordinated efforts in implementing and ensuring sustainable rural energy services through a Master Plan; which was officially launched on 6th April, 2017 followed by series of meetings with various stakeholders to put strategies for the best Master Plan. TaTEDO is part of the consortium which is preparing the Master plan together with the Multiconsult and IED. The master plan aims at supporting energy sector policies and initiatives towards ensuring reliable and cost efficient energy services for social and productive use, rational and efficient use of energy, and energy conservation. The plan will define the priority order of energy provision including energy for lighting and cooking, electrification schemes both grid extensions and off grid schemes based on economic, financial, environmental and social criteria. The plan will evaluate possibilities through market mechanisms, tariff settings and subsidies to increase access to energy especially among the rural poor, assess the possibilities to reduce the cost of electrification through adoption of low cost options in distribution technology, and estimate the financing requirements to implement the programme. Moreover, it will encourage development of available energy resources in rural off-grid areas and increased contribution of renewable energy sources in the national energy balance.
The overall objective of this assignment is to provide the Rural Energy Agency (REA), with an up-to-date tool for planning and implementation of rural energy provision meeting target set in the National Energy Policy, National Strategy for Growth and Poverty Alleviation (MKUKUTA) and Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) goals. The plan is also aimed at exploitation and utilization of renewable energy sources for improved energy supplies in the country. The Rural Energy Master Plan will cover the period 2018 – 2030 to match that of Sustainable Energy for All. The planning work shall be performed in close cooperation with the Ministry of Energy & Minerals (MEM) and other stakeholders in the field of rural energy provision.