Environment and Climate Change

Global concerns such as climate protection, protecting forests and combating desertification are a challenge to different countries and international climate change organizations. Conserving natural resources, combating climate change and improving the quality of human life are a basic requirement for sustainable energy development. To reverse the trend towards resource degradation, ones need to give greater priority to environmental conservation.

Environment and Climate ChangeTaTEDO works with partners in identifying the wide range of causes of environmental risks. It helps modernize environmental course of action at all levels, advises on regional environmental cooperation and develops strategies to embed environmental protection in other areas.

TaTEDO assists stakeholders at regional, national and local levels in decentralizingenvironment management and promote low emission sustainable energy solutions in relations to community needs.Apart from promotion of low emissions technologies, TaTEDO also advocates for improving climate change and environment documents such as policies, strategies and programmes.  The aim is to create enabling environment for improved people’s livelihoods.

TaTEDO has undertaken a number of initiatives to strengthen capacity for addressing climate change effects through mitigation and adaptation measures not only to itself but also to its local partners and communities. TaTEDO using consultation from Denmark, Kenya and South Africa, developed capacity for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Tanzania.