Knowledge and Information Management

TaTEDO is in the process and efforts of developing a system for collecting and managing information from different sources and the dissemination of that information to relevant stakeholders and different audiences in urban and rural areas of Tanzania.  The aim of this system is to contribute to the decision-making process of facilitating access Knowledge and Information Managementto sustainable modern energy technologies and services. In order to efficiently manage both qualitative and quantitative information from different sources, the organization has managed to build capacity for acquiring, storing, processing, disseminating information for planning, awareness creation, technology capacity building and monitoring sustainable modern energy development activities. The information system also involves monitoring and evaluation of outcomes of the interventions at different hierarchies of community. The M&E enables to document and review TaTEDO’sexperiences in the assessment and evaluation of impact for improving TaTEDO’s services and systems.

With our experience in a wide range of countries, our technical competence, experience in moderation and methodologies, know-how on organizational development, environmental communication and conflict management, we are a partner you can count on.