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TaTEDO’s Sustainable Energy Development Programmes

SIDA Programme on Leading the Change: Civil Society, Rights and Environment (The Selous-Ruvuma Landscape, TANZANIA)

The programme geographical focus is in the Selous-Ruvuma Landscape. The programme has timescale of 2018-2022 and is delivered across four thematic areas namely forest, wildlife, marine fisheries and energy.   To bring about the desired change, seven (7) strategic approaches have been identified. These approaches are expected to be key to the realization of the program’s desired change ‘by 2022, people in the Selous-Ruvuma Landscape are effectively controlling decisions and receiving full benefits from natural resources and exercise their rights for ensuring that the ecological integrity is sustainably managed and use of sustainable, clean and affordable renewable energy is increased’. 

This change expected to be delivered systematically through realization of the following short and medium terms conditions:

  • CBOs and CSOs have the capacity to drive change towards responsible and inclusive natural resources management and use of renewable energies,
  • Political spaces are created which provide for inclusive and open participation for communities and individuals to take part in decision-making processes.
  • Civil society shall be capacitated to effectively engage in policy dialogue regarding the use of NR and renewable energies.
  • Relevant national policies and laws will be promoted to allow for communities to exercise their rights.
  • Systems and mechanisms will be developed that allow rights holders and communities to equitably benefit from sustainable NR and energy investment and services.
  • The ecological conditions that provide ecosystem services to local communities will be maintained.

TaTEDO is a partner of this programme and the organization is engaged in the thematic area of developingenergy services. 

Fredskorpset Exchange Programme

FK Norway supports exchange of young people and professionals between organizations, institutions and companies in Norway and countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  Through such co-operation the organization shares knowledge and experiences. Collaboration with FK Norway expands perspectives changes attitudes and enhances capacities.

TaTEDO through such exchange programme has managed to share knowledge and mutual exchange of professionals aged 22-35 between organizations in Norway, Mozambique, Brazil, Kenya and Nepal on issues related to sustainable energy services to the people in rural communities.  The project has managed to support 10 TaTEDO staff up to 2015.

Transforming Tanzania Charcoal Sector (TTCS)

TaTEDO in partnership with TFCG and MJUMITA is implementing a project with the goal of establishing commercially viable value chains for legal, sustainable sourced charcoal.  The objective is to improve climate change adaptation and mitigation, enhance environmental sustainability and leverage returns on biomass resources, delivering sustainable development to Tanzania and its people.

 Through this project, TaTEDO implements a component of Sustainable Charcoal Production (SPC) in which commercially viable value chains is established for legal, sustainable sourcing of charcoal by using improved methods of charcoal production and sustainable forest harvesting.  TaTEDO trained more than 52 charcoal producers in Kilosa, Morogoro and advocate for sustainable charcoal model to policy and decision makers.  The project has been scaled up to Mvomero and Morogoro Districts.