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TaTEDO Strategic Plan (2013-2018) – A Roadmap for Guiding Future of Sustainable Energy Services

TaTEDO has reviewed a strategic plan in March 2017. The Organizational Diagnosis (OD) enabled members to consciously gain deeper understanding of internal management issues around which TaTEDO needed to manage change and its organization development.  The OD process resulted in the identification of driving forces related to issues in the internal environment of TaTEDO as well as the political, social, cultural, economic and technological circumstances in the broader environment. Other issues were the configuration of the relationships with institutions and networking with other organizations.  

The core parts of the strategic plan are vision and mission, values and functional areas of TaTEDO. The TaTEDO‘s key functional area is   “Access to sustainable modern energy services”.  The mission and vision of TaTEDO were formulated by TaTEDO members based on the key functional area.

Other functional areas are:

  • Capacity Building
  • Community mobilization
  • Knowledge and Information Management
  • Social Energy Entrepreneurship Development
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Networking and Advocacy
  • Energy research and studies

Strategy was derived from critical issues in the environment that need to be prioritized for action based on the objectives of the organization.  The organization diagnosis was practiced to assess internal environment with the intention of assisting organization to consciously manage the right balance of organizational culture, structure, and systems (which is actual development process taking place inside an organization) and it was therefore strategic thinking process that helped TaTEDO to plan the best way to coordinate its activities and manage its organizational practices in order to remain relevant and effective towards reaching its desired targets.

 The strategic plan is supported by existing systems, approaches and procedures for intervening communities and target population in the urban and rural areas. TaTEDO uses local and external partnership, close collaboration with local authorities, strong participation of key stakeholders, programmatic and market-oriented approaches as major strategies and approaches used by TaTEDO for implementing sustainable modern energy development activities in its geographical coverage areas.

 Seven (7) strategic objectives were identified, which summarized what TaTEDO plans need to accomplish within the five-year framework of 2013-2018. The strategic objectives portray what TaTEDO will do in the next five years in order to fulfill its vision and mission along with being effective in facilitating access to sustainable energy services and support to its stakeholders.

 The greatest value of strategic planning is the key role it serves for employees and other stakeholders to coordinate complex sets of efforts. The strategic plan is providing TaTEDO with a roadmap for organizing its tasks and resources. It is designed to enable dynamic yearly planning of activities and budgets, allowing room for adjustments in accordance with changing circumstances, needs or lessons. The success of implementation of the TaTEDO’s strategic plan however requires the cooperation and commitment of the organization, management, staff and partners.

 As the importance of sustainable modern energy services escalate, the demand of more TaTEDO activities is also raising and need for increasing resources to implement sustainable modern energy activities becomes more critical.  In order to ensure availability of resources, TaTEDO is willing to diversify its windows through effective use of available resources and undertaking its activities through on market approach by investing into commercial energy focused schemes and broaden horizon for more grant support sources at all levels (locally, regionally and internationally). 

The opportunities in the current strategic plan are already emerging quite clearly.  All project and programmes of TaTEDO are geared towards implementing this strategic plan.  Some systems, which were missing or not documented, are under preparation and some have been reviewed.  The approach for disseminating skills and technologies to the communities served by TaTEDO is clearer and there are high chances that the movement towards our vision and mission is clear to TaTEDO and her partners. It is our anticipation that this plan will give appropriate roadmap towards achieving our motto on scaling-up access to sustainable modern energy services for poverty reduction.

Download here Tatedo Strategic Plan