SEECO is an autonomous business entity established under independent board of directors. The company is legally registered by BRELLA and incorporated under the Companies Ordinance (Cap.212) as a limited by guarantee with a Certificate of Incorporation number 41001 of 2001. 

SEECO (Ltd) is dealing with production and commercialization of proven sustainable renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) technologies and services. The goal of the company is to produce and market, improved energy efficient products, technologies and services, plan and implement environmentally sound energy business projects on commercial basis. SEECO focuses on large scale production and marketing of sustainable modern energy technologies and services.

The company deals with all three generation of energy efficient technologies. The First generation of fuel-efficient cook stoves includes improved traditional mud stoves, and improved cook stoves which uses biomass as primary source of energy, and metal ceramic charcoal stoves (Jiko bora) . The second generation of energy efficient cook solution includes portable high efficiency improved charcoal (SeTa mkaa) cook stoves and improved high efficiency institutional stoves. These second generation products are equipped with ceramic fiber blanket for insulation and have higher energy efficiency. The company also trades on third generation energy efficient cooking appliances such as thermo ports, rice cookers and pressure cookers since they are clean electricity cooking appliances.


"The Vision of SEECO company is a  healthy  community  accessing  and  using  improved  and  efficient  modern  energy  appliances "

 "The mission of SEECO is to produce, Import  and provide a selected range of renewable and energy efficient appliances to customers ranging from individuals, entrepreneurs and institutions "


  1. Develop, strengthen and re-orient a team and staff to business and commercialization of energy technologies/products ;
  2. Build and effectively manage working capital i.e. stock, creditors, debtors and cash;
  3. Diversify company products and services range to create more stable income;
  4. Expand partnership, networking and strategic alliances for effective sourcing, dealership or/and technology sharing;
  5. Explore potentials for joint venture investment and analyze the best opportunities to invest in medium size renewable energy projects


Contacts SEECO


P.O.Box 32794

Dar es Salaam,Tanzania

Phone: +255677 066 332 /+255738 201 498

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