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Kuni Chache/Wood stove

Kuni Chache/Wood stoveThere are two designs of Kuni Chache stoves called Kuni Moja and Kuni Mbili Stoves.  These are simple designs made by putting together ceramic liners and metal cladding (outer metal part) to produce a firewood stove that is more efficient than traditional three-stone open fireplace. It has a distinctive conical shape, with different diameters at the top compared to bottom of the stove. Thermal efficiency of the Kuni Moja and Kuni  Mbili Firewood stoves is 30%.

These designs burn the firewood (or other fuel) more efficiently with firewood consumption reduction rate of almost 50 percent.  Only one or two pieces of firewood are inserted in the fire chamber during cooking and which means reducing number of bundles of firewood consumed by open three stone fire-places.